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Wizard Defense Wizard Defense

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Well Thought Out

Some people are complaining about balance. I had issues on my first run, but I began to experiment and once you find a few secrets it's very beatable. I beat it with only 5 monsters sneaking in and I probably could've got them with a little more focus.

Strategy to Win: Go with 2 builds: three 1st level magic w/ Rock 2nd and two 1st level w/ Rock 2nd and Ice 2nd. Either Ice or Rock 3rd (usually Ice). You can beat the entire game with this.

Now some spells do suck. 1st Fire isn't needed till late and it's 2nd is useless. I found no use beyond overkill in level 35 for Fire/Lighting 3rd. Lightning 2nd is just usually over powered by other spells.

The Rock 2nd is AMAZING. Get to max stay and min rest and use it to hold bosses down while you spike the other. The trick of the game is to use stun, slow, and this to give you the time needed to win.

I found myself having to think a lot hich is good for a tower def. I never really went auto pilot and bored.

Fixes: Better/More sound track...bit weak on loop. Typo issues in dialogue. Buff Fire and Lightning 2nd and 3rd. They need it! Restart option. I want to be able to try the level again with money refunded if i fail or simply sometimes i forget to throw in a new spell and have to hope i saved. Also offer info on how much dmg weakness gives.

Good game though.

3D Fighting:Bloody Rage 2 3D Fighting:Bloody Rage 2

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Impressive 3D, Horrific execution

I think most people are giving this a modest score of 5 and up because it's a 3D game. I can fully respect and be impressed by that fact alone. But lets be honest, a bad game is a bad game. This game was incredibly shallow and was a train wreck. I'm glad you can do please use it fo something playable or at least enjoyable. I hate to be so blunt, but his game was very very poor from enemy AI, game mechanics, controls, even the movelist was all horrible. I liek the paint thing though, it was interesting. You would get a higher score if this was just a 3D demonstration, but since it's a game i have to rate it as one...and it barely scores a 2.

Xenon Prime Racing Xenon Prime Racing

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Little torn on how to rate this

First off as an actionscripter trying to make new game concepts myself, I'm impressed with the vector 3d, albite the graphics beign simplistic...but i think the code is the important part here. However beyodn the novelty of 3d in flash i feel the game mechanics were lacking.

Biggest issue is that there's no friction, turning and bouncing off edges has no penalty and in fact is the best method, versus skillfully gliding through the turns. Add slide friction and acceleration. If you can make all that cool 3d, then surely adding these basic elements should be no issue.

I say the graphics need a major up includign the music which was very drull.

Unfortunately it's not a great game, but the novelty of the 3d is amusing. I say take the engine and keep working with it!

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Draw-Play 3 Draw-Play 3

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great Game! Bad music tho

The mechanics were great and the puzzles fun.

I think my only 2 bitches would be that the game does not auto delete movie clips that arent visible so on 1 level in particular where i was trapping cogs, even when i dumped them off screen, the frame rate became morbidly slow.

The second was the music, i found it horrifically bad and the fact it's only one song with no mute really bothered me.

fix those and u might have a 10 game...might.

Eggy responds:

The mute is in settinsgs.

Sniper Assassin 2 Sniper Assassin 2

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Nothing new really :(

It's your standard mask shooter :(

It didn't really have anything special to it, you need some new ideas to make it interesting. At least make the puzzles harder or more complex(yes, they do count as puzzles). If your going to go with stick figures, you NEED something in the gameplay to make up for the lack of graphics.

I didn't find the torture very fun, really you only needed to click 2 buttons to beat it and the others were useless. Maybe incoorperate a sysytem that offered clues on the appropriate combination?

All in all it's just a simple point and click that has been done over and over again.

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Portal Defense Portal Defense

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

another tower game but with issues

the tower levels keep resetting with Alien Hominid :/ Found it really aggravating trying to kill the first boss with that issue

SC Guitar Maniac Dx 3 SC Guitar Maniac Dx 3

Rated 3 / 5 stars


I found it really hard to hold the key board and stretch for the number keys, let alone remember where i was (i kept going int o5 and 6 a lot)...I suggest moving the keys to F1-F4 for closer access as well as some key boards divide the Fkeys in fours.

I dunno, some songs were cool, but a lot were horrid. Kinda pained me too listen to whiney teens who can't sing play boring chord progressions just to reach Evil-Dog (which IS awesome).

I sometimes felt i was struggling more with figuring out the patterns than really playing along with a song. I think a new key system is needed or at least a customizable one.

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flashforbeginners:script flashforbeginners:script

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good Tutorial

The code ALMOST works for the explosions, it's a case sensitive typo. To fix it simply lower case "Play" in this code you're given

onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
if (this.hitTest(_root.enemy)) {

You'll know if it's done right as Flash will make the test blue (or some color code).

So it should read:;



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Temple Guardian Temple Guardian

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good concept...but WAY too easy

I ran through the game on hard not knowing too much about any of the towers and I cant really say theres a lot of strategy to choosing different ones. I basically put a line of walls out and as many lightning shrines as possible (they combo off each other) and the enemies never get close to the base.

The game has potential but for now, those walls make it really really really easy to beat in one try. Needs more diversity and strategy.